• Alyssa Roberts

Happiness is Priceless. Gesture Has a Team for That! Steak?

We’ve all been there looking for the special gift to send over to someone. Then suddenly you’re hit with a slew of hidden fees, delivery drawbacks and a world of confusion takes over the entirety of the gift giving process. So how can you deliver happiness without the strenuous process? That’s Gesture. In a few taps, gift giving is seamless, convenient and properly delivered.

Gesture is your place to get the exceptional person you’ve got in mind, a gift that's equally special. Simply put, it’s one of the fastest and most convenient ways to send a gift and it's all done in a few taps. Your “gesture” can vary between wines, flowers, chocolates, cupcakes or all of it! There are different types of Gestures as well: Birthday Gestures, Bundled Gestures and Holiday Gestures. Once you’ve ordered, a courier that is nearby to your recipient will get the alert and go pick up and deliver your Gesture.

The happiness aspect is pretty much covered on all fronts with Gesture. But what about those one-off instances where your order isn’t in exactly a few taps? Or when you have a custom gifting experience request before finally ordering? That’s where the Gesture Happiness Concierge Team comes in. This team is highly trained with the most up to date knowledge on promotions going on in Gesture during that time-frame. They are also able to make exceptions in your order, specifically when it comes to customizations to the type of gesture you desire. The word “No” is not part of the Happiness Concierge Team’s vocabulary. They can make exceptions for outside-of-service area deliveries and even accommodate hard to reach locations -- expect to pay extra, but don’t worry, it goes all to the courier who will be going... an extra mile for you. One time they managed to deliver a 43 oz Tomahawk steak for a graduation dinner - true story.

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