• Alyssa Roberts

Giving is better than receiving - NOT!

You’ve most likely heard the saying, “It’s Better to Give Than to Receive”, and while we all tend to agree with the virtue of that phrase, there is one twist that is often overlooked. The twist being that the expression is actually not so true. Here are a few plain and simple reasons why giving is not better than receiving.

More often than not, we tend to ignore receiving, typically believing it’s not well deserved. Think of it like this: when we give to others -- whether it be to charity, friends or family -- we do it with good intentions. Quite simply giving is sending resources to others and omitting the use it may serve to the giver is what makes the act stand out as selfless, thoughtful and kind-hearted. The giver on the other hand faces an expense of said resource. This fact is what often buries the act of receiving under the mountain of praise that giving entails. But receiving is a lot more intricate than it appears on the surface; there is an entire etiquette to the action and expression of proper gratitude when receiving that makes the giver and giv-ee feel great.

The feeling of receiving a fresh, sweet scented bouquet, filled with a pleasant aroma is indescribable, but what about when you receive something you maybe weren’t exactly expecting like old dirty clothes with sentimental value? It’s in a moment like this, that the receiver should show appreciation for the effort and overlook the faulty qualities of the gift. The age old saying “It’s the Thought that Counts” rings true for every recipient, no matter the gift. This is why receiving is a lot more of a testament to a wholesome personality than what it may appear when contrasted with giving.

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