• Alyssa Roberts

Gestures Here, Gestures There, Gestures Everywhere

You’ve been thinking about it long enough: just do it already.

Download the Gesture app, of course! What did you think we meant? We have spent months curating the sleek new design for Gesture 3.0 and it is finally here and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the perfect screen name (Social Handle), the wild new categories, aesthetic color scheme and more!

Gesture was founded in 2017 by Ben Labra, Christian Castaneda and Daniel Sosunov with the intent to make gifting efficient and enjoyable. Since then, Gesture has upgraded twice, now reaching the peak of 3.0 and providing you with more creative and dependable expressions of gratitude. While the Gesture app prides itself on simplicity, there are now features that enhance the consumer experience. Gesture 3.0 is official, come check it out:

  • Social Handles: We have created account screen names that we refer to as Social Handles. Snag yours before the options become limited!

  • No Address Delivery : Our Social Handles are correlated with new AI features to provide ample privacy during deliveries. No address needed, no personal information needed, only an account.

  • G-Reminders: Gesture does all the work for you! Forget old calendars and Post-It notes, use Gesture to set a reminder for a significant date. You can verbally and physically convey sentiments in one app. Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Occasions: We’ve had occasions, they’re nothing new. Gesture 3.0 occasions are like nothing you’ve seen before. The options are endless, especially because you can create your own -- top used win prizes! Casual gifting has never been so exciting.

Gesture is always striving to do better and with a vision in mind, it has soared far beyond its initial portrayal. Celebrate Gesture 3.0 and creative fulfillment by sending a Gesture.


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