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Gesture these Delicious Summer Treats!

We all know the summer of 2020 has been just short of a complete disaster with a 90% chance of sweating profusely at all times. It is imperative to constantly remind yourself that this period of immense change is how our human race evolves and improves. The heat, however, is just the icing on the cake.

Nowadays, most people are either staying home or only going out for the essentials. Very few are interacting with people outside of their immediate circle. It is hard to realize that this is the world we are living in; however, we also have to accept it. Finding ways to stay in touch with family and friends is of no concern with Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and all social media outlets. It is easy to send a little e-note or card, but it is another to receive it in your mailbox.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a care package from a family friend. It was such a delightful surprise and heartwarming gesture. It can’t compete with an e-card you receive in your 400 emails you get a day. Fortunately, Gesture creates this sense of connectivity and kindness to enhance this time of despair with incredible summer delights. Although our app has a slew of incredible gestures, here are our favorite treats for this fun-filled summer.


Not only is this the perfect way to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or however you rejoice in December, but it is also the perfect treat on a scorching hot summer evening. Champagne is splendid with a sparkle of taste. It also gives you a pop of energy, unlike some alcoholic choices. Aside from keeping you on your toes, it also is less in calories! Champagne contains around 80 calories, whereas most wines are around 120-190 calories. Your friends will love this surprise!

White Wine

Beat the heat with a delicious bottle of wine. You can either choose to get your wine hand-picked by a Gesture team member or pick between Chardonnay and Suave Sauvignon. Especially during the summer, white wines are perfect for Sangria or other cocktails. White wine is incredibly light and easy on the pallet. It is perfect for any occasion, especially a lazy day by the pool, and for anyone who needs a good refresher at the end of a long week!


Gesture has a wide variety of flowers such as sunflowers, lilies, white roses, red roses, and more! Flowers are a staple for every instance, from birthdays, feel betters, anniversaries, to just saying, “thank you for being you.” You can never go wrong with surprising someone with a bouquet of beautiful petals. Sunflowers are proven to exude happy sensations and energy onto those who are near. Lilies and roses are the epitomai of love and long-lasting relationships. They are the wonderful gift to freshen up someone’s day, brighten their aura and show them you care.


Last but not least, food. Everyone needs a heartwarming treat to pair with their decadent drinks. Most importantly, everyone needs desserts. These cupcakes are a great choice because they are a small treat and will not add to the sweat dripping down your face. They are super easy to order and much better than the tiny, cardboard cupcakes from Stop & Shop. Gesture these cupcakes to someone who needs them to save them the time, the money, and the sweltering kitchen. 

In this time of isolation and distance, it is important to remain connected to your friends and family. Gesture makes it easy for you to let someone know you are still thinking about them!

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