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Gesture Q & A

While the Gesture Family gets bigger by the day, we figured we'd take a sec to give some of you newbies a quick run down of our app by answering some questions you may have along the way.

Q: What kind of gifts do y'all even have?

A: Through our partner companies we offer all types of wine, flower arrangements, cakes, chocolates, and balloons. We have some seriously sweet bundles too! At the end of the day, it's really up to you what you want to send. While we have general categories, you let our G-Runner's the specific brand, color, or flavor you're looking for.

Q: How the heck do you even use Gesture?

A: You start off by creating your very own username A.K.A. a Social Handle. Next you'll be introduced to G-Reminder where you can keep track of any important event, like that anniversary with your S.O. or Grandma's birthday. Afterwards you'll be introduced to our Occasions page where you'll choose whichever occasion matches the mood. Now it's smooth sailing, just search for your recipient using their Social Handle and select your gift.

Q: What's this "Occasion" page?

A: Our Occasion's page is the center point of the Gesture experience! Here, users can select the vibe they're trying to capture and get gifts recommended for that specific situation. Are you wishing someone a Happy Birthday?, trying to reconnect with that old friend?, or maybe you just want to spread some good vibes! You can even create your own occasion too if you don't think any our occasions fit the sitch. Gesture wants to make ANY moment a special one and we hope our Occasions page can help with that.

Q:Why don't I need to put in my recipient's address?

A: This is all thanks to our No Info Needed Algorithm! With Gesture 3.0, your address and other personal information are linked to your Social Handle. Allowing you to keep those great gifts coming all while keeping your info completely private! If you'd like to learn more about NINA feel free to check out our "No Address Needed?!" blog post!

We hope these answers make using Gesture that much easier. Download the Gesture App today and Get Giftin'!


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