• Alyssa Roberts

Gesture: National Brother's Day - Padilla Brothers

Through thick and thin, your sibling always has your back. Today is National Brother’s Day and Gesture is here to tell you a little about our very own brothers. Having a brother means having a support system; someone who helps you grow whether through reminding you of your flaws or inspiring you to live outside the box!

Adam and Aaron moved nearly three thousand miles to New York City where they shared a dorm room, major, class schedule and gym routine. The commitment is real. When the time came for internships, they applied to Gesture. They started their internship in Finance before progressing to Business Development as a full-time employee. They recently made the leap to join Gesture’s official team: congratulations!

Adam’s experience at Gesture has been unlike any other as the responsibilities have allowed him to utilize his skills but also gain more exposure in his field. The fantastic communication allows for him to reach out for help with timely responses from the CEO, COO, CRO and Vice President. They always attempt to take time out from their busy schedules to assist without judgement. Adam believes he is learning more at Gesture than any corporate job, therefore prompting his decision to stay at the company and partake in its rapid growth process.

For Aaron, it has been great to be a part of such a welcoming and motivating culture that has provided him hands-on experience. Because of the trust Aaron was given as an intern, he believes this is why Gesture differs from most companies. His thriving is due to these various tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, Aaron has said that having his brother employed in the same field creates a more honest environment, allowing for stronger communication. Adam and Aaron’s prideful persistence between one another instigates achievements for both themselves and for Gesture!


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