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Gesture Gift Guide: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving's right around the corner and what's better way to give thanks than by sending someone a Gesture? Thanksgiving is a time to show your appreciation for one another and Gesture would like to help. With the Gesture App you can schedule to have a gift be delivered on Thanksgiving Day at whatever location you're celebrating!

To help you get into a thankful mood we've selected 5 of our FAVORITE gifts, guaranteed to brighten up the festivities this year!!

#1 "It's Basic but Great" - $39.00*

Red wine anyone? With the right red you can enhance your entire Thanksgiving meal! Our wine experts at Gesture recommend a nice Pinot Noir, with its earthy undertones, Pinot goes great with turkey and stuffing! But whether you're eating traditional turkey or something more exotic, you can never go wrong with a classic like red wine.

#2 "It Hits Different" - $65.00*

How about some white wine? The right white wine goes together oh so well with a Thanksgiving Feast. We'd recommend either a Riesling to help you boost those flavor profiles! Whether the Riesling you like is sweet or dry, its acidity will be a perfect combo for sweet potatoes, turkey, or stuffing. Get some for your party and see how just different this ish really hits! We guarantee some flavor combinations that are bound to be memorable!

#3 "Kick Ass Chocolates" - $49.00*

Don't forget about desert, easily the best meal of the day. What better time for a cheat day than on a holiday that's all about eating?! Whether you're looking for dark chocolate, milk, or even white we can assure your loved ones will be satisfied. After all, who doesn't love chocolate? Arguably a solid choice any day of the week!

#4 "High Key For Real" - $99.00*

What would a thanksgiving feast be without the perfect center piece? You need something to bring it together and cornucopias are SO last year! Spruce it up with one of the fanciest bouquets we have to offer. Our Mixed Bouquets are bound to brighten anyone's day!

#5 "Humble Brag Bundle" - $139.00*

This bundle is anything but! If you need to turn up the heat this year, why not get some wine and flowers? Nothing bodes better than a tried and true classic like this. Simple yet oh so elegant. Why not Humble Brag a little this Thanksgiving?

Whether you choose to spruce things up this year by sending a Gestures or not. All of us at Gesture hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving celebration!

If you've enjoyed reading about the products we've listed why not check out some of our other blog posts? You can also download the Gesture App to learn more!

*No hidden fees. Prices listed are all-inclusive (Includes delivery, shipping, and any other fees). Product selections may be based on local vendor availability within the delivery area.


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