• Alyssa Roberts

Gesture for Vendor Deliver Is As Sweet As Pie

Sweets: the treasure of its savory counterparts. The home of many delicious sugary and savory goods reside within the scented empire of bakeries. The most commonly purchased baked goods are cookies, cakes and cupcakes -- primarily the more saccharine products.

Approximately 51% of United States citizens have a sweet tooth, so it makes a lot of sense that these baked goods are the most popular. The following tasty treats in the top purchased list inch more towards the savory end with bread being 57% of items produced.

Seasonal, occasional or casual, gifting sweets is a go-to for many people. Transporting these delicious goodies isn’t always easy. We want all the bakers out there to know that Gesture understands the importance of protecting these treats from casualties. Our Gesture for Vendor platform has both speed and fragile care involved in this delivery process, a strong link of communication ensuring the speedy arrival of frozen desserts, savory pastries and midday snacks.

Gesture helps a baker’s customers and a business's clients receive fresh and warm baked cookies, cakes and cupcakes or cool creamy cannoli’s, eclairs and custards. Most of the time with couriers that deliver take out in styrofoam boxes you would expect limited splatters and botches but instead expect your crafted treats to be intact at the time of delivery. Because Gesture for Vendor hires and trains reliable couriers, our G-runners, that have completed and delivered dozens of orders including custom cookies frosted and lined with memorable holiday designs (often common with corporations); unique new flavors suited to one’s taste; personalized cakes, donuts and cupcakes to cure any creative sweet tooth.

Our previous partnership with Baked by Melissa has provided invaluable experiences in the proper delivery and care of baked goods on-demand.

Gesture for Vendor knows better than to rattle the basket: we deliver real treats not creamed cookies.


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