• Billie Wintrode

Gesture: Bringing People Closer

Since 2017 the #1 goal at Gesture has been to bring the world closer and we believe the best way to do that is through gifting.

Gifting has been a part of all our lives from day one. When we’re young we begin receiving gifts for our birthday or for doing well in school. We even receive gifts before we’re born at our mother’s baby shower! Gifting is ultimately something that many of us can relate to. It’s an activity that strengthens the bond between friends, family, coworkers, and significant others. Not only is it an enjoyable experience for those receiving the gifts but it’s great for those giving the gift too!


The feeling that arises from giving someone a gift is indescribable! It isn’t even always about what you give someone either. It’s often about the surprise of it all. Watching their eyes light up and their mouths curl into a toothy grin as they see whatever it was you had hiding inside the gift wrapping. In that moment they immediately recognize that they are cared for, that they are seen as special by at least one person and that’s what gifting is all about.

But how does one find a gift that would cause such a reaction?!

Well for starters, forget about uniqueness, forget about price tags, forget about all that superficial BS! Focus entirely on their interests. For example, do they like yoga? Have been complaining about rips or tears in their current yoga mat? If this oddly specific example matches your situation then get them a new yoga mat. DUH!!! It’s all about listening to your loved one and keeping a close eye on them from time to time. Analyze their room, is anything missing? Maybe they accidentally shrunk their favorite sweater in the wash. Maybe you can find a replacement! Whatever it is, it just needs to be something that shows you’re truly thinking about the other person 100%. If you do that we can guarantee that the ones you hold dear will be grateful.

At the end of the day actions speak louder than words so instead of saying “I love you”, show them your love through gifting. While you’re at it why not hit up the Gesture App? Our app is #1 on the market and recommends gifts based on the occasion you’re shopping for! Spend less time shopping and more time with your loved ones. Why not at least download the app and check out what we have to offer?


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