• Alyssa Roberts

Gesture 3.0 is in the House!

It’s here: Gesture 3.0 has arrived and it’s ready to thrive! If you haven’t yet read any of our Prelaunch blogs, we have all new features on the Gesture app to both secure your privacy and ensure your pleasure. Gesture was started by three millennial men who wanted to make the gifting process easier by organizing fun and simple choices, the delivery free and on-demand.

Previously, the Gesture app for smartphones had three main categories: Grand, Classic, and Birthday. Now, you can gift for any occasion, including your friendiversary -- “Since Day 1.” Did I mention you can create your own occasion and the top used category wins a prize? Well, now you know and now you have a new form of expression for your loved ones. Alongside these relatively unorthodox occasions, you can look forward to new account screen names or as we call them “G-tags.” These both protect your privacy and simplify the delivery process even more as now we use G-tags in combination with our new algorithm; you no longer need to know your recipient's address, only their G-tag.

But wait, there’s more! Remembering someone's birthday has never been easier because not only will you receive the reminder, but immediately upon clicking the notification, you can send a gift their way. And this works for any important dates. Oh no! Your Aunt Lucinda rejected your “Let’s Link” gift? That’s okay! Send it again under a different category or use your GestureCash to gift someone more appreciative. Sorry not sorry, Aunt Lucinda. Aside from the very inspirational occasions to choose from, maybe you want to add more by personalizing your gift. Gesture has gone above and beyond to refine their personalized messages -- stay tuned because automated messages are in the works. With Gesture 3.0, you can gift anyone, anywhere, anytime. Don’t miss out, send a Gesture!


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Take your gifting to the next level by sending a Gesture for any occasion. We provide the fastest and simplest way of sending flowers, wine chocolates and more.

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