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Fun Facts About Roses

A flower delivery, specifically ruby-red roses, are always saved for “that” special occasion and particular individual. Mostly known as a romantic gesture, roses can also be delivered to celebrate a congratulatory moment in someone’s life, or even just a simple reminder to show a loved one you’re thinking of them. This becomes an even more exhilarating process, once you and your lucky recipient learn the quirky facts about roses and their significance!

Roses are not only eye catching to look at, but they are completely diverse! They are part of a large flower family, which consists of hundreds of species of roses. They vary according to their color, shape, and location for optimal growth. However, the most commonly, selected roses are Tea Roses.

Roses don’t necessarily have “thorns”. When using the correct botanical terminology, roses possess prickles; these are attached at the surface and can be easily removed if needed. Thorns have deeper roots that extend to the plants’ stem.

Since 1986, the rose has actually been the United States’ national flower! Four states have chosen to use the rose as their official flower, including New York, Georgia, Iowa, and North Dakota. George Washington was the first breeder of roses in the United States!

According to the website, Good Housekeeping, a rose’s color determines it’s meaning. Red roses signify the beauty of love, while pink roses symbolize grace. Peach roses represent modesty, and orange roses indicate fascination. Who knew such an assortment of rose colors existed!

The Guiness Book of World Records states, that roses are the oldest species of plants to be used for decoration purposes. The Ancient Romans would collect the flowers and meticulously place them, to decorate buildings, carpets, and paths.

The oldest rose bush is 1,000 years old, and resides on the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.

Although not a well-known fact, roses are widely used as a culinary ingredient, specifically during preparation for cakes and salads. Rose petals are an active ingredient, when creating certain marmalades and jams for consumption. Personally, the most interesting of all- rose syrup is used to create marshmallows and rose-flavored ice cream!

Rose hips, which are fruits produced by rose plants, are bright red and shaped like berries. They are rich sources of Vitamin C and Ascorbic acid. The rose hip is one of the richest plant sources to produce this essential vitamin.

An important ingredient within the perfume industry is rose oil. The rose scent is extracted from the microscopic perfume glands that are on the rose petals. One gram of rose oil is made from about 2,000 roses, which is significantly large!

The rainbow rose is the most unique and attractive of all the rose species. Each petal of the rose is a different color, adding up to the colors of the rainbow.

The first rose to ever travel to space, was referred to as the Overnight Scentsastion. The researchers developed this name, due to their project concerning how low gravity impacted a rose’s scent.

A fossil of a rose, discovered in Colorado, has redeemed that roses have existed for more than 35 million years.

74 percent of roses are purchased by men, while 26 percent are purchased by women, for their friends and mothers.

The next time you consider sending roses to your girlfriend, or your long lost friend, recall the historical significance this flower has had on history and peoples’ lives. If a flower has had the ability to attract and impact history throughout the years, imagine the power it will have for your recipient! Go ahead and plan your next delivery of roses, to bring nothing short of a smile to your loved one’s face!

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