• Ben Labra

Five Reasons You Should Send Flowers To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

When Mother’s Day come around, a lot of the time everyone’s go to gift for their mother is either sending a nice bottle of her favorite wine, a mug that says “best mom” or some kind of photo book that she’ll look at once, and then it’ll probably sit on her bookshelf for forever. While, sure those gifts are nice and she’ll 100% appreciate that you got her something, I want to turn your attention to why you should be sending your mother flower’s this Mother’s Day.

First Reason, it’s a proven and studied fact that flowers are the ultimate mom gift. OK, so maybe it’s not a scientific study but it is true that flowers can be the ultimate gift for your mom. What has been proven by science is the emotion’s that flowers can invoke on those who receive them! So I guess you can impress your mom with scientific jargon on why these flower’s will make her happy this mother’s day.

Second reason, is that they’ll leave a lasting impression. As mentioned before, flowers create an over all feeling of happiness in those who receive them. Giving your mom flowers on Mother’s Day will not only make that specific day special, but every day she sees them afterwards will create pure happiness. Plus, you get brownie point’s for being the main reason behind these good times. Bumping you up on the favorite sibling list.

Third reason, you can be poetic behind the kinds of flowers. Every flower has a different meaning behind them, so why not send mom flower’s that represent her. Is your mom funny and full of life? Send her a bouquet of Chrysanthemum’s, they represent joy and enthusiasm. Maybe you want to send your mom a message that you deeply adore her? A bundle of lavender and red roses can easily show mom your true feelings.

Fourth, Mother’s Day falls in the spring time. Which, may sound odd at first, but the meaning behind this reason will make you send a bouquet ASAP. Spring represents all things that surround life, growth and over all a flourishing theme. You mother represents all of these things. She is the reason for your life, your over all growth and why you are flourishing today. Remind her she is the reason you bloomed into the amazing you today.

Fifth and final reason is well, send her flower’s because she’s your mom. You really don’t need any other reason than that. Your mother deserves to be showered with gifts, be it Mother’s Day or just a regular Tuesday. Send her flower’s just because you are thinking of her, we can guarantee you the moment she sets her eyes on the beautiful bundle of buds she’ll be blooming with joy.

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