• Lauren Crocker

Don't Miss Out On Employee Appreciation Day!

Keeping the employees of your company happy is absolutely essential. March 5th is employee appreciation day and now is the time to act and send a Gesture to your team. Happy employees stay for the long haul and build the strength of a company.

Employees who feel unnoticed and unappreciated are 50% more likely to leave within the first two years. Send a gift today to reassure you care for your employees and their importance to the organization. It helps retain employees, and for a lower cost by using Gesture. It doesn't take much to make someone's day, especially after the hectic business year that the pandemic has caused. People need that extra push more so than ever, and March 5th is the perfect time to give back.

Gesture helps you make employee gifting personal, by adding a message, photo, or drawing along with your gift. You can give a gift to the office or the doorstep for each person to add an element of surprise. Make each team member feel personally noticed and give a gift with Gesture.

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