• Alyssa Roberts

Don’t Miss Out! New Gesture 3.0 is Finally Here!

If you are seeing this blog, relaxing after a long day, possibly searching the web as your body sinks further into the couch and you don’t know about Gesture 3.0 --



Missing out!

The new Gesture features include new categories that users can contribute, a new, rather tasteful color palette, personalized messages, screen names, delivery rescheduling, accept / reject abilities, and so much more!

Screen names are running out fast, so don’t miss out on a chance to snag your preferred name. No one wants to be “@user 60065”. You are a real person so use your real name, or not ;)

Gesture is an on-demand gift delivery app accessible for Android and iOS users. We prioritize efficient and enjoyable gifting processes using specialized A.I. to assist by recommending the best Gestures for any loved ones including friends, family, or even clients. Gesture has been growing for the nearly three years and is constantly improving! We specialize in turning more intricate ideas into simple, engaging functions. Not only do we now provide free shipping and delivery, there are no excessive emails or notifications. Only tasteful reminders updating you on the next important event.

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Take your gifting to the next level by sending a Gesture for any occasion. We provide the fastest and simplest way of sending flowers, wine chocolates and more.

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