• Alyssa Roberts

Don’t Forget The Balloons!

Balloons are pretty simple and joyful, right? But did you know that balloons are spaghetti polymers filled with helium known best by their original oval shape. They always bring a smile to someone's face, especially those of children. As a matter of fact, balloons aren’t only for children - adults love them too! They’re a sweet gift alone, but they pair beautifully with just about any other item. Balloons are synonymous with celebration: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, occasions seasonal and casual alike.

The rubber balloon was invented in 1824 by professor Michael Faraday as hydrogen experiments for London’s Royal Institution. They were created by pressing two sheets of tacky rubber together and pressing the edges together to seal them. Balloons have since been altered for various different uses such as military communications, scientific experiments, and transportation. Just like candles, almost every celebration comes with a balloon. The first modern latex balloon creation is attributed to Neil Tillotson who sold 15 “Tilly Cat” balloons in 1931 for a Massachusetts Patriot’s Day Parade. Balloon artists create varying shapes and even perform. They are also known as Balloon benders and Twisters. People really love to watch them fly away or pop them for their spectacular and surprising reverberation. Today’s balloons are made of rubber, latex or nylon fabrics and the great thing about these spaghetti polymers is that they straighten out and slide alongside each other, allowing for the shape to be molded. Some balloons are filled with helium (usually fancy store bought ones) while others are sold in a pack that one can fill with air themselves. This can make for a pretty fun and funny activity - just don’t get too lightheaded! A Gesture might be best instead.

Gesture prioritizes vendors that signed up onto the platform and is always seeking more quality creations and healthy partnerships. Balloons are too good not to be used as a gift with our other bundles. Gift shops and vendors with balloon inventory are encouraged to join our Gesture for Vendor Program.


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