• Alyssa Roberts

Could Love Be Delivered?

It’s pretty much widely known that there are 5 languages of love. The question is though, can all 5 be displayed at once? Well with Gesture, it is indeed possible -- all 5 of the different languages of love are in fact shown. Let’s break each of them down in this short overview. According to Dr. Chapman, the author of the book “The 5 languages of love”, there are exactly 5 of them and you can often be a combination of these. These being, ‘Words of affirmation’, ‘Quality time’, ‘Acts of service’, ‘Physical touch’, and lastly ‘Receiving gifts’.

Gesture is a gift delivery service designed to quite literally -- send a gesture, be it flowers, wine or sweets over to that special person you’re thinking of. You can attach a special note to your gift, which is a pretty straightforward example of one language, ‘words of affirmation’. Gesture's way of operating further exemplifies another language, though, that being ‘quality time’, despite sounding cliche, it definitely shows the time you’ve put into thinking of this very high quality person.

The next language of love you’d see throughout this service is ‘Physical touch’. Of course, when this special someone gets their Gesture delivered to them, you’d be in for quite the hug! ‘Acts of service’ is another language, and this one goes without saying, the service is literally in the expression, sending a Gesture. Lastly on our excursion of examples is the language of ‘Receiving gifts’ and things don't get more self explanatory than this, giving your loved one a gift is an unmistakable gesture of affection.

So send a gift with Gesture!


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Take your gifting to the next level by sending a Gesture for any occasion. We provide the fastest and simplest way of sending flowers, wine chocolates and more.

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