• Ben Labra

Check Out That Cool New Bar In Town (Your Backyard)!

Back in March, when the world turned upside down, we hardly even got the opportunity to kiss our favorite bars and future plans goodbye. The world of social interaction seemed to squander in the span of a week.

4 months into COVID-19 lockdown in America can make someone begin to feel a little antsy. The bars in town are beginning to open back up, which means that maybe it’s finally safe enough to go out, right?

Honestly, no.

With nearly 4 million cases in America, our friends, neighbors, family, and essential workers need us to stay home more than ever. Lucky for you, we’ve thought of some fun ways to bring a European drinking tour to your house.

Create a backyard bar

This is your opportunity to bring your Pinterest dreams to life! Here are some ideas to get your dream aesthetic started. The best part is, you can ball out or budget as much as you want to. Invite a couple of friends who have also been staying safe around, stay distanced, and Gesture some fancy champagne over to recreate a fancy night out!

Virtual pub quiz

Pub quizzes are a staple in British pub culture and needs to make its American debut. Pub quizzes are like trivia nights, the topics varying from popular 90’s songs to guessing which famous knee you’re looking at. Message your group chat– cancel your Netflix Party marathon and create a pub quiz for you all to take together over a bottle of wine instead! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Romantic picnic

If you live close to or with your partner, consider taking them on a romantic Disney movie-worthy picnic! We recommend our rosé for all of the love story by the river vibes. You may not be able to fly to France right now, but you can certainly channel the vibes with bread, cheese, wine, and the right playlist.

These are a few of the endless creative options we have during this time. Don’t be boring– it’s literally dangerous. We’re here to help you get creative.

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