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Celebrate This Fourth Of July With A Gesture!

Summer is in full swing!

That means it’s time to dust off our bathing suits, bring out the grills and bask in all things summer! Summer also means that the Fourth of July is near!

Have you got plans for the fourth? Do you even remember what July 4th even stands for? Other than Gap American Flag shirts, fireworks, and the millions of barbecues that are going on nearby?

Well, just in case you forgot, July 4th is our Independence day!

History Behind Independence Day.

Yes, back in 1776, during the American Revolution against England, on July 2nd, an idea proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia for a resolution to the 13 colonies would become independent from Great Britain’s Rule was voted on and approved by congress! 

Though, due to some technical revisions, the wording of the Declaration wouldn’t be finished until July 4th. Which is why we now all celebrate our independence day on the fourth instead of the second!

Now that we refreshed your memory on how the Fourth of July came to be a significant date for all of us to celebrate, here is how we can help make this day even more special!

How Gesture Can Make Your Fourth Special

Thinking back on all of the fourth activities you’ve got going on around you, why not add a little gesture to them? Going to a cookout but forgot to bring something? Order a bottle of Red Wine from Gesture.

Maybe you can’t make it to your parent’s this year for the fourth, send them a bottle of bubbly! We guarantee you it’ll pair nicely with the fireworks show they’ll see.

However you spend this Fourth of July, we hope that you have a spectacular time celebrating our independence!

We want to help bring the spark! Download Gesture today!

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