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Are You Taking Care Of You?

We love to spread the message that it is important to let those in your life feel like they are special, to send them Gestures of love and care when you can. Which is absolutely great and we still absolutely push this ideology, though in all of this talk about taking time out of your day to see others and allowing them to know that you are there for them…sometimes we lose sight of what is really important.

What is really important at the end of the day is you. *GASP* Yes, you are the most important thing in your life! Though it would be great to do a deep dive about how you are the most important person, let’s go down a more specific path on the topic of you.

What Have You Done For You Today?

This path we are talking about is taking care of yourself at the end of the day, week, month, and year. We spend so much time doing things for others, be it getting someone coffee, meeting with friends to be with them in their times of need, walking our pets, feeding them, calling the doctor for your mom, sending thank you cards… The list can go on and on about things you do that are technically for others.

Though, when you look at your daily list of things you have done for any and everyone, do you see anything on that list for yourself?

A lot of the time, when we are at the end of our day, we are too tired to really give ourselves the proper care that we need in order to build ourselves up from the ground. Which, again giving to others is great, but if you forget to give yourself some of the energy you expend to others, eventually you wont have enough fuel to continue to give back.

Start Focusing On Yourself.

So, the question is, how can you give back to yourself so you can continue to give to others? It’s simple really, just start taking care of you.

Remember to set time out of your day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Treat yourself to a nice lunch everyday, or maybe make sure you have a nice dinner planned out at the end of each day. Do you like to drink wine? After a long day at work, head home and send yourself a Gesture of a bottle of white or red wine.

Treat Yo’Self.

You can treat yourself to a relaxing bath, or spa day to literally refresh yourself from the things that have been weighing you down.

Maybe self-pampering or the foodie life isn’t really your thing, try treating yourself with a little purchase of something you’ve been really wanting. Try planning a weekend getaway to the beach, or a trip to go hiking / camping in the woods.

Whatever you end up doing, just make sure that it is something that will make you feel at ease. Do something for yourself that makes you truly happy and lets you refuel your soul.

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