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Are you a liquor store owner? If yes, then you must read this!

As an on-demand delivery company, it is so important to us to recognize the various attention to detail it takes to transport high end and multiple bottles of fine wines and spirits. Wines and other Spirits are some of the top purchases at Gesture because of they’re wonderful gift options for any occasion.

85.6% of Americans 18+ have consumed alcohol at some point in their lives. The United States has been heavily profiting on these spirits, having collected $252 billion in sales in 2019. This is a somewhat dramatic rise since 2011 with a 30% increase. Millennials have slowed their alcohol consumption by using January 2020 as a month of sobriety - a change in pace for the 43% spending an average of $87/week on booze. Millennials favor wine over beer, but only slightly with a 59% to 54% comparison. Some of their favorite brands include: Blue Moon, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Smirnoff, Corona, White Claw, Titos, and Captain Morgan. Contrasting Baby Boomers, Millennials have significantly less brand loyalty. Baby Boomers also heavily prefer wine, always keeping an eye out for a good price. While this older generation prefers a nice glass of scotch or whiskey, Millennials prioritize vodka and rum - often creating mixed drinks from home.

You would assume from these statistics that alcohol is a rather popular beverage. 40% of the population have name wine as their drink of choice, consuming 1-2 glasses in a sitting, usually accompanied with dinner or snacks consisting of chocolates, crackers, cheese, and nuts (pistachios are great with a glass of Pinot Noir FYI!). Wine and Spirits play an important role in American culture as for many it brings more pleasure to celebrations, parties, and festive occasions. Gesture respects this industry for its positive aspects and we hope to collaborate in a delivery of your alcoholic beverages. Our G-runners (couriers) know very well the caution needed when transporting fragile products and gifts. Typically vendors and G-runners will:

  • Work with the courier and package and safely place the beverages to avoid bumping, drifting and breaking.

  • Have extra dividers for the bottles to ensure they stay in-tact.

  • Drive carefully to prevent any issues while also staying conscious of the estimated delivery time.

Gesture for Vendors is reliable and responsible. We deliver wine and spirits intact, your bottles won’t experience a crack.


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