• Ben Labra

Appreciating Those Teachers Who Helped You Along The Way

When we think about our journey through school, we mostly remember the endless nights of studying, last minute papers or projects, the nights out or in with our friends and the overall feeling of excitement and fear of how we’d be handling our next day week or semester. Though, when you look back, you may overlook those who have been there to help guide you along the way to success, your teachers.

Believe it or not, those teachers, professors and tutors you’ve had over the last few years of high school or college have made a major impact on your overall success. It is true that you may have disagreed with their tactics along the way or maybe you felt like they were simply out to get you.

In the end through their harsh tactics or cryptic grading, they have taught you way more than just a lesson on paper. Teachers are the ones who have taught you how to think critically and creatively. They gave you your first grades, your first shot at real competition and honestly they were the first real people to teach you how to take on the real world.

Take the lessons your teachers have taught you and use them to further succeed in your life ahead. Pass along the knowledge and habits each one has instilled in you, because at the end of the day, your success is their main goal.

So, as you step across the stage, shaking the hands of those who have lead you to this defining moment in your life, remember to thank those teachers who have helped get you there because without them, you wouldn’t be there.

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