• Alyssa Roberts

A Nice Warm Welcome to Gesture 3.0

Gesture 3.0 is on its way! We reinvented gifting in order to provide you with a fast, safe and easy gifting experience, on-demand. Gesture is a start-up company that was founded in 2017 by Ben Labra, Christian Castaneda, and Daniel Sosunov as an on-demand gifting mobile app. However, Gesture uses high tech algorithms to simplify the outdated gifting process. Everyone knows how easy it is to find themselves lost, browsing through dozens of catalog pages and order details in an attempt to find the "perfect gift." Gesture is the ideal on-demand app as we are cost friendly and always the notion of social gifting in mind.

Other options often have bland branding, limited creativity, and far, far too many pop-up ads. With the Gesture on-demand gifting app, users are able to look for gifts on any smartphone, leaving those pesky ads out of the equation. With flare rampant throughout every single one of our notification and email communications you'll agree Gesture is anything but bland. By the way, our newsletter is also pretty fire! Why not subscribe and keep up with all the heated action. Click over on your right hand side and join the fun ->

Gesture keeps you up to date on daily holidays using witty and attention-grabbing expressions. This way you'll never miss out on an opportunity to send a Gesture. On the new version of our app you can upload your calendar with your individual special occasions and plan ahead. No more missing your favorite aunt's birthday or your parent’s anniversary. Not-to-mention, there’s always free delivery!

Here's what to look forward to?

  • Gesture is rebranding with a fabulous new color palette consisting of tranquil morning and midnight blues, royal purples, and neutral greys complemented by a deluxe mustard yellow.

  • The infamous categories of Birthday Gestures, Grand Gestures, and Classic Gestures have now morphed into more spontaneous categories such as, "You Are Hot AF" and "Bruuuhh." We want you to have as much fun as possible while gifting! It’s your gift, we believe you should be in control :)

  • Those receiving Gestures must now become a Gesture user. This allows for the elimination of any address hassles as Gesture automatically inputs one based off the account G-tag or phone number of the recipient, similar to cash sharing apps. By the way, it is all privately screened for your safety, so as a sender you do not see the address of your recipient leaving them in control of when and where they are comfortable receiving a Gesture gift. This process will allow for absolute convenience on both ends of the Gesture. No more wilted flowers in the lobby or returned bottles of wine!

  • Recipients will have the ability to accept or reject a gift prior to delivery. With rejection, the sender receives Gesture Cash which can be used to send another Gesture gift. No L taken here. Just rinse and repeat. If a recipient is unavailable the chosen day, they can reschedule for a time that is more convenient. Here at Gesture we know that it isn't about when are where you receive a present because it’s the gesture that counts ;)

Gifting without pressure, send a Gesture



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