• Billie Wintrode

A Gesture Can Be ANYTHING?!

That's right, we mean ANYTHING!

With the Gesture App, a gesture can be anything you want it to be.

Looking to get a 1998 bottle of Plénitude 2 from Dom Pérignon?

We can get it!

Want one of those custom cakes made to look like a cheeseburger?

You Bet!

No matter how extravagant the gift idea is we will do everything in our power to make your Gesture Dreams come true. We want our users to know that a Gesture can be anything you want it to be. While we offer general products like champagne, wine, flowers, cake, and chocolates, users can add any custom comments or requests you'd like. This can be done with each and every order you place! Just leave the rest up to us. We'll make sure your Gesture is exactly the way YOU want it and delivered on time to your recipient.

But what is a Gesture even for? Why send one at all?! Well...

WHY THE HELL NOT?! Everyone loves receiving a gift AND more importantly, we all love the satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy a gift that we picked out just for them! Even if it isn't someone's birthday or anniversary, make up an occasion! Haven't seen your bestie in 48 hours? Get them a cake that says "Where you at?!" All of us at Gesture are about capturing any and every moment imaginable, whether it's mad weird or just freaking cute! Why not check out the Gesture App and see what gift customizations you can think of? We've got tons of unique occasion options that recommend gifts to for any situation!

So Get Custom and Send a Gesture!


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Take your gifting to the next level by sending a Gesture for any occasion. We provide the fastest and simplest way of sending flowers, wine chocolates and more.

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