• Alyssa Roberts

7 Worst Gift Ideas

Most people love gifts: the shock, the generosity and the satisfaction of another item you wanted. Gift giving can be traced back to Cavemen who would surprise one another with teeth or stones, later carved to create necklaces symbolizing tribal pride. This was an important part of their communities, establishing dominance and the possibility of a new family. While stones and teeth (particularly of other animals) are still a much appreciated gift by many, these seven will have your recipient questioning your loyalty and intentions:

1. Personalized Branding Iron This is something that no one wants to see once they peel off the wrapping paper. What are they supposed to brand?

2. Cremation Urn for Ashes It’s a good idea to avoid this one as nobody really WANTS to be reminded of their inevitable death, although it will definitely get a reaction! Try flowers; everybody loves flowers!

3. Coupons The coupons could be used to buy a gift rather than as the gift. This is a sign of being cheap and it will certainly tell the recipient how you feel about them! Maybe stick to chocolates?

4. Household Cleaning Supplies A good broom always brings a smile...or does it? Try avoiding common essentials unless it’s a personal request, it’s considered bad taste in some cultures.

5. Mankini "Very nice!" Again, maybe just stick to chocolates.

6. Lung Ashtray This is great if your recipient loves dark humor, but they probably won’t appreciate the subtle implications to stop smoking.

7. Beer Belly Fanny Pack This is definitely not what anyone had in mind when fanny packs came back into style, but it sure is a good gag gift!

Gifting isn’t always easy because each person’s preference differs, but one thing is for sure, you can order gifts on-demand with Gesture... well, except for these of course!

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