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6 Office Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts

The holiday season is one of the best time of the year, it brings so many people together and can really bring the best out of those around you. In keeping with the merry and bright atmosphere, a lot of the time, your office could be hosting a holiday party. Which sounds like a great idea, I mean getting together with your colleagues and team members for a bit of jolly is always a go in my book. Though, during one of these shin-digs, you might not realize the lines you could be crossing. So, to keep you off the naughty list this year, we’ve laid out a list of some “do’s” and “don’ts” for you to keep in mind for your next holiday office party!

Do: Be Respectful

That time of year doesn’t always mean the same thing to you as it would your team mate. Making sure you are not over-shadowing or potentially unintentionally, offending others around you who may not share the same beliefs as you do.

An easy way to avoid the awkward, “Yeah, I don’t really celebrate that” vibe from another person in the room, stick to phrases like, “Happy Holidays!” or “Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!”. This way, everyone feels comfortable around the topic of the holidays.

Though, if you are inquiring about someone’s holiday traditions, be sure to approach the conversation with caution and respect. It’s always a great idea to broaden your understanding of the different celebrations around the holiday season, but to not project your own personal opinion on them.

Don’t: Be a Grinch

I mean, I get it. sometimes all of the fa la la la la can be a little overwhelming, but you need remember that this is a holiday office party, and you decided to show up! So, ditch the “bah, humbug” mentality and just be merry for those around you who are happy to be celebrating.

Do: Let Your Hair Down

If your office went to the nine’s to throw a holiday party, It means they want you to have fun. So yes- you should absolutely take advantage of it, come out and have a little merry fun with your team.

Play office party games, get into deep conversations with your co-workers and get to know those around you outside of the topics revolving the office life. Who know’s maybe you’ll all connect over something surprising, like music or any different food preferences.

So go ahead and let your hair down, laugh, exchange amazing conversation with those merry folk around you!

Don’t: Get Sloshed

This one is pretty obvious, don’t over indulge in the eggnog. If your office party has an open bar, or any kind of alcoholic beverages, being that you are of the appropriate-legal age for drinking in your country, having a few drinks is harmless.

That being said, it’s best to keep yourself under-control of your consumption and intake of any alcoholic beverages. Remember that even though this is an office party, you are still at work. Review your office’s conduct policy and behave accordingly! Unsure of what those policy’s are? Brush up before you agree to attend your office holiday party!

Do: Dress Up

Ugly X-mas / Holiday sweaters, cocktail dresses, dapper suits or whatever your invitation states, be sure to participate! Personally I always have a few ugly sweaters on hand for these kind of occasions, but you should absolutely dress yourselves to the nine’s and show off your holiday spirit!

Dressing up for a holiday party is not only a fun way to express yourself through your clothes, but it’s also a great way to spark conversation!

Don’t: Have A Wardrobe Malfunction

This is the time to bring out your best holiday wear, absolutely. Though, let’s keep in mind that your personal events outside of work have a different definition for what is and isn’t appropriate.

Keep in mind, you and everyone at the office holiday party, should be comfortable in what you, and everyone else around you, is wearing. We are not aiming to offend anyone in the office with your outfit of choice.

For more information on what is appropriate to wear to your company’s holiday party, head over to your HR department for a quick run down on what’s merry and what might not be so jolly.

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