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5 Ways You Can Make Someone’s Day In 3 Minutes

Gesture is going to change the way you perceive gift-giving. With a flat fee of $20 and delivery in 30 minutes, there’s always an occasion to send someone a thoughtful gift. Now that we’ve launched, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways you can make someone’s day in 3 minutes:

Every year, the day we get older and wiser finds a way to sneak up on us. Finding the right gift isn’t always as easy as it sounds and complicates the process. Well… What if you could send a loved one a birthday gift within 30 minutes? Newsflash! That’s what we do here at Gesture.

1. Getting promoted no matter the industry or position calls for a toast, right? Instead of heading to the liquor store yourself, let us handle it. We have G-runners who deliver different wines and champagnes all over lower Manhattan. For only $20, you can order a Gesture of wine or champagne.

2. Us New Yorkers are known for always being on the go because of our fast-paced lifestyle. We’re always moving, whether it’s grabbing coffee or racing to catch the next train: no matter what, we needed to be somewhere 10 minutes ago. Sometimes, you forget to remind the people that matter most that you love them, like your mom. Letting her know you’re thinking of her has never been easier and we encourage you to do so today!

3. No one wants to be sitting at home, watching The Notebook, eating ice cream, left to wonder where their flowers are on Valentine’s Day. February 14th shouldn’t be the only day someone can expect to feel loved, but the app can help. You can send a bouquet of roses in the morning and include a little note saying just how much you appreciate them – don’t forget to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Then, you can go on a date later that night. You’re welcome for the idea; now go download the app.

4. Many words can describe a college student: tired, hard-working, addicted to coffee, etc. So, when a friend walks up to the podium and gets that degree, that calls for one thing… Champagne! Using the Gesture app, you can easily send a bottle to a recent graduate for $20 and our G-runners will deliver it within 30 minutes. Every college graduate deserves a drink, so why not use Gesture to deliver it?

5. If you’re yearning for that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you give someone a gift, try sending a Gesture today. You won’t break the bank or spend an unnecessary amount of time ordering, and your Gesture will be delivered in under 30 minutes. Click here to download the app now and make someone’s day!

Be sure to download the Gesture app in the app store or google play.

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