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5 Reasons You Should Send A Gesture

If you are having trouble with the idea of what or how to connect with someone, then you’re not alone. Hundreds of people every day are stumped by the ideas on how to connect with the people around them. Here at Gesture, in our app, we have played out a few options for you if you need any basic reasons, be it to say I love you or just an easy congratulations. Though, if the options we provided for you aren’t exactly in your realm of needs, then don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with these 5 reasons why you should send someone a gesture.

1. I Miss You.

Keeping up with people in your life can be difficult, be it work, travel, or just life has gotten in the way of you staying in close touch with your friends or loved ones. Whatever the obstacle in your way, it still leaves it down to just missing that person. Well, if you still don’t have the time on your calendar or schedule to go catch up with some lunch, send them a gesture.

2. Saying You’re Sorry.

You don’t know how to reach out without making things even more awkward, or maybe you just don’t know the exact words to help rectify the situation. Let gesture be your wing-man and help smooth over the situation with a sweet bottle of something. Who knows, maybe you both can bond over a bottle of bubbly.

3. Showing Your Appreciation.

A lot of the times when we are living our lives, we forget to show others around us how much we truly appreciate the things that they do for us. Send that special someone in your life a little reminder of how much you really appreciate them with a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers to help brighten up their day.

4. Last Minute Hiccups.

Well, here is another case where sending a gesture comes in handy. It’s a random Tuesday in the middle of August and you forgot your best friend’s birthday is today. Or maybe it’s a family member’s anniversary? Either way, you totally spaced on getting them a gift to say congratulations or happy birthday and now you feel pretty bad about it. Now is the perfect time to send a gesture to those in mind and keep you from looking like you messed up!

5. Just because.

Sometimes you just want to send someone in your life something special just because. No rime or reason to it other than you simply care! So on that sunny Sunday afternoon, when you’re thinking about your significant other, your mom, your dad or just a friend, go ahead and send them something sweet just because you care.

Sending a gesture, be it in any cases of the app or on our list above, is not only a way for you to fill in your you missing birthday gift or say you’re sorry. Sending someone a gesture is a deep and meaningful way to connect with those people in your life. It creates connections and memories but most of all inspire you and those who receive your gesture to want to continue to send and spread happiness to those around them.

Be a part of the moment to bring happiness to those around you and allow the gesture sent from Gesture to be your call to action.

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