• Jake Suskin

5 Reasons Why Smart Send Makes Your Life Easier!

Welcome back to another installment of our “5 Reasons Why” blog series! With the release of Gesture 3.0, we are taking the time to highlight all of the new essential features on the app. Our absolutely revolutionary Smart Send feature is here to make life easier for you.


#1 Quick and Easy.

Our Smart Send feature is faster than ever. With Gesture 3.0 it takes seconds to send a gift, your perfect gesture is only 5 clicks away!

#2 No Personal Information Needed.

Sending can now be completely free of personal information! All you need is their username, email, or phone number. No creeping is going on here, Gesture makes sure to keep their address private while still delivering gifts that take you from the friend zone to the end zone.

#3 No Address Needed.

With the beauty of Smart Send, you can give gifts to just about anybody! Likewise, you can receive gifts from anyone. Even Cardi B could get gifts using little to no personal info. Pop your G-handle on your insta bio and watch the gifts pour in!

#4 No Fuss, No Hassle.

With Gesture’s Smart Send you’ll spend less time giving the gift and more time focusing on getting down and dirty! Give a gift for any reason and they will be sure to thank you :).

#5 We got your back.

Here at Gesture, we’re in the driver's seat. In just 5 clicks you can sit back and relax. Gesture has got you covered! We hand deliver every gift for that personal touch.

In the end, there is nothing better than showing a little love and Gesture 3.0 is making it easier than ever to do that! Download the Gesture app today and get in on the fun!


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