• Ben Labra

4 Ways To Beat This Crazy Summer Heat In NYC!

It’s been hot in New York City.

Obviously it’s summer so it’s pretty likely that it would be, well, hot! Though, maybe it’s because of global warming, Mercury being in retrograde or maybe your AC unit is on it’s last leg. Whatever reason you can find in the book, you feel like it’s just too hot to do anything right now.

We’d like to tell your feelings that it is complete bologna (totally sang the Oscar Mayers song to spell that) that it’s too hot to do anything. Don’t believe it? Well we’ve curated a list of things you can do this summer to BEAT THE HEAT.

Head To Coney Island.

First thing to do on our list is to head over to Coney Island! It’s the place to be to enjoy the glory of all things summer! You have pizza, ice cream, an amusement park, the beach and so much more all in one little corner of New York. Plus, it’s budget friendly so you don’t have to worry about your wallet when taking the whole family out there for a day of summer fun.

Kayak on The Hudson.

Next on our list of heat beating activities is one we mentioned in one of our previous blogs! Kayaking! In case you missed our last post, we are here to inform you that you can actually go kayaking in NYC! Even better, some places are FREE!! Yes, you and a friend or who ever you choose can go out to the Hudson River and go kayaking along New York City. You’ll make lots of beautiful summer memories, while also cooling off floating along the Hudson river line.

Head To The Beach.

Third on our list is to jump on a train and head over to Long Island! Hit up the beaches there for a few hours. Maybe hit up Long Island Beach or Jones Beach and cool off with a nice dip in the ocean! Maybe even walk along the board walk and grab a cone! Just try to keep the sand out of it, It’ll make for a weird flavor.

Throw A Summer Party

Last on our list is to throw a summer party. Grab some friends, find someone who has a pool, roof top, patio whatever kind of place where you and your friends can just kick back and relax! Maybe as a way to say thank you for letting me soak up the summer sun at your place, you can send them a Gesture! A nice bottle of white wine or champagne will really send a clear message of thanks and also, help keep you all cool.

Aka you’d be sipping wine by the pool, and you’d be feeling real cool.

However you beat this crazy summer heat we hope you do it in style, make sure to download our app so you can have a cool bottle service come right to your door.

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